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Re: [RFC-UI] Team page redesign


On Thu, 2010-03-11 at 10:09 +1100, Martin Pool wrote:
> On 11 March 2010 07:15, Curtis Hovey <curtis.hovey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I think we also need to consider why I am adding karma. It is a crowd
> > sourcing mechanism. Since the registry does not have karma, we do not
> > attract many users who want recognition for linking a package to an
> > upstream project, or upload a release. I am adding karma. If this does
> > not work for the time line, we need someone to commit to doing this
> > after work.
> I am a bit concerned by this pattern of logic, because it means the
> reward for registering stuff is a number going up.  The best and
> smartest contributors are not motivated by making a number go up on a
> web page, but rather by (well, it's complicated but) achieving a
> larger goal that they care about, or doing something in relation to
> their community.  Showing a meaningful timeline so that I can be
> impressed by all the cool stuff Parth is doing recently gets us closer
> to the second.

We are giving 0 karma for registration. We award points for creating
connections between communities/objects. Points will be given for
linking a package to an upstream project for example. We are not giving
karma for registering a project or team. In summary, 0 points for
something that helps you, lots of points for something that helps others
[1]. This is the common practice in karma rules.

[1] /me thinks blueprints violates this rule.

__Curtis C. Hovey_________

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