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Re: [RFC-UI] Team page redesign


On 11 March 2010 10:42, Curtis Hovey <curtis.hovey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We are giving 0 karma for registration. We award points for creating
> connections between communities/objects. Points will be given for
> linking a package to an upstream project for example. We are not giving
> karma for registering a project or team. In summary, 0 points for
> something that helps you, lots of points for something that helps others
> [1]. This is the common practice in karma rules.
> [1] /me thinks blueprints violates this rule.

You're not giving points for things that help people though; you're
giving points for actions of the general form that helps people.
Whether the connection is actually correct, or worthwhile, or helpful,
we can't tell.  Exposing what the action was and who did it would
allow humans to make a better judgement of whether the person is
helpful or not.

Sorry if that sounds pedantic.  I don't object to what you're doing
now, but I do think Launchpad's view of human motivation as reflected
in karma is way too naïve.

Martin <http://launchpad.net/~mbp/>