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Re: Problems in running the full Launchpad test suite


On Wednesday 10 March 2010 19:59:24 Adi Roiban wrote:
> There are also some tests that cause that are blocking the process:
> Ex.
> lp.archiveuploader.tests.test_ppauploadprocessor.TestPPAUploadProcessor.tes
> tPPAUploadResultingInNoBuilds
>  lp.soyuz.scripts.tests.test_processpendingpackagediffs.TestProcessPendingP
> ackageDiffsScript
> Here is the output of ps fax 
> http://paste.ubuntu.com/392730/

These tests are fine for me locally on karmic, I've no idea why they fail for 

Can you run them individually?  e.g.
bin/test -cvvt TestProcessPendingPackageDiffsScript
bin/test -cvvt testPPAUploadResultingInNoBuilds

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