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Re: Do we need the lazr namespace in our javascript?


On 06/21/2012 12:53 PM, Richard Harding wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Jun 2012, Gavin Panella wrote:
>> At the time I'm not sure that YUI knew how to make a proper YUI
>> widget. I think the docs have since improved, and YUI itself has
>> figured itself out, though I still think widgets are really difficult

This point about documentation is true. It did not exist. It does now. I
recommend the "YUI 3 Cookbook". It does explain YUI's way of solving


> YUI does some magic for you so you do have to learn/understand how things
> owrk. initializer is stacked in the inheritance chain, renderUI isn't (for
> example). So this can go under the 'complicated' part, but it's part of
> learning a library.
> Plugins are a huge win for reusable bits and I don't think we stop at
> plugins enough for many things we do.

I agree. I also used the term "widget" when I really meant something
more than a namespace. The bug tag completer does not need to be a
widget, but it must be more than an namespace to be reusable. We cannot
autocomplete tags on +filebug and advanced search until it learns how to
enhance to DOM to provide reusable functionality.


> I'm really hoping to be able to try to help with some of this and if anyone
> ever needs a hand with any of this please feel free to ping me, assign me
> as a reviewer to JS, etc. I know I've worked with JC a lot lately to help
> review his cleanup of things like the picker code. It's taken a little bit
> longer, but once you learn the YUI library bits the code ends up smaller
> and much more flexible.

This is exactly what we need to do if we ever want a library. Our code
is not flexible enough to be reused. It is very difficult to extend even
inside Launchpad.

Curtis Hovey

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