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Re: Do we need the lazr namespace in our javascript?


On 06/21/2012 12:20 PM, Gavin Panella wrote:
> to get right. I feel like I'd need to live and breathe YUI to do a
> properly good job. Is this complexity a failing of YUI, or is it just
> that writing UI code is complicated?

I have no fondness for YUI's Java and method fetishes. YUI has an
overprotective attitude inherent in its design. Nonetheless, YUI excels
at providing classical-like objects and insulating us from browser

The underlying problem with Lp's code is that it often ignores YUI to
favour firefox behaviours. All the JavaScript bugs that the Purple Squad
fixes last season were cause by naive engineers who were confidential
their browser of choice implemented standards perfectly.

I think it is also fair to say that LiveScript (to call it by its
original name) still fails to meet the needs of its primary users, web
developers and browser developers. We want a classical language with
scoping and introspection. The marketers that branded this prototypical
language "Java" will burn in hell and heaven will place a pox on their
first born.

Writing good javascript is not hard, nor is working with YUI (but it
does offer my fingers a workout). We need better work habits, the first
of which is to know that all browsers lie, use a library or test for
functionality before executing. Write tests as you write code to
minimise the maintenance burden.

Curtis Hovey

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