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Re: Correction and control


On Sat, 2010-05-29 at 11:16 +0300, Yaron Shahrabani wrote: 
> I want to raise a slightly disturbing issue
> there are many translators who are really confident about their work
> but practically doing an awful work, the problem is that when I fix
> their mistakes they usually don't see it and keep on translating the
> same way

Each team can inform Launchpad for the web address of the used
guidelines [1]

For the Romanian team (GNOME, KDE, Mozilla, OO.org ... etc) we have a
wiki page with a list of "Frequent/common errors" and in the team
guidelines there is a link to that page [2].

New translators are require to read that page of common errors and by
reading that page a new translator can learn from examples.

Rather than sending personal emails to new translators and explaining
the grammar and orographic Romanian, we just point them to that wiki

If we see those common errors in new translations, we stop reviewing and
ask the new translator to: 1- read the guidelines, 2- review his/her
previous translation , 3- Let us know when the his/her own review is

>From my experience, most of the new translators submitting bad
translators, are "drive-by translators" and they don't care to much
about the translation quality. I always send an email to let them know
that they are submitting bad translations, and only 5% of them are
getting back to acknowledge that they have not read the guidelines and
that I can do a new review for their new suggestions. This is one of the
reasons why I don't want to waste to much resources with those new

I think that fixing bug 25 (Allow discussion/commenting on
translations ) [3] should help a bit with this issue.

[1] https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/Guidelines
[2] http://i18n.ro/Greseli_frecvente [3]

Adi Roiban

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