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Hints regarding suggestions popularity (was: Correction and control)


On Thu, 2010-06-03 at 12:24 +0200, anders@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> I was thinking that maybe it would be an idea to indicate how many
> places a translation suggestion has been used. As it is now a
> translation that has been used in 40 programs seam just as valid as
> one used in 1.
> Mvh Anders

This can be a good way to show the popularity of a translations, but I
think that a translator should be able to asses the validity of a
suggestion for a specific case, regardless of its popularity.

In principle this is what Google Translate is doing, but Launchpad
Translation is not focused on statistic based translations :)

At first, it can look useful, but after giving it a deeper thought I
consider it as having a marginal impact over Launchpad translators.


Adi Roiban

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