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Re: qshutdown release coming soon (1.6.4)


Hi Nicolas,

and there I was just about to write a e-mail with an explanation... then it
got longer and longer...
To the main problem: Some strings have changed (also because of RTL)
and I have changed 3 of them purposely because of clarity...

*My suggestion is as follows:* I managed to reduce them and make them
small and easy to understand. (For RTL <html dir="rtl"> has to be added)
If it is alright I'll upload the new .pot file and reenter the till now translated strings
for all languages.

That way testing will be much easier.
Just install translate-toolkit and create .ts files from the .po files
(po2ts xyz.po xyz.ts), add your language to the shutdown.pro and make
sure that the .qm file is copied to /usr/share/qshutdown/translations/.
(For build instructions see the README file).

For the actual version of qshutdown I'll push it to the git repository a bit later. You can get it then via: git clone https://github.com/hakaishi/shutdown-qapps

Kind regard,
 Christian Metscher
Could you explain how translators can test their translations in qshutdown?

I downloaded the latest version from
https://launchpad.net/qt-shutdown-p/qshutdown-trunk  and I imported the project
in QtCreator.
It works, but translations are handled in a specific format (we can't simply use
a .po file downloaded from Launchpad).

If it's not easy, you could do one of the following:
- Host .qm files for all languages somewhere (you may use a script to keep them
updated, for example on a daily basis), so that translators can download and
test them.
- Provide some "Release Candidates" for qshutdown, featuring up-to-date
translations, before the final release.

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