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Re: Getting a checkout


Hi All,

I want to say that the support here is AWESOME!!!

I've tried all the suggestions and everyone of the attempts to get the
code from the server hangs up during 
"Copying inventory texts 2/5" (I even left the last attempt running over

I also tried requesting merges to the two new directories that I created
through the web interface.




The status (Last Commit) for each is: "This branch has not been pushed
to yet." One is at 11 hours and one at 13 hours.

Anyway, unless there are other suggestions I suppose I'll do an SVN
export and attempt to set up a new project at 
Which is where I want the stable code to be and for people to work in
team directories on a project basis.  That is the plan anyway. :-)

Again, thanks for all the prompt responses so far.  A very helpful group


Timothy Cook, MSc
Health Informatics Research & Development Services
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