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Re: Getting a checkout


On Fri, Feb 06, 2009 at 07:26:50AM -0200, Tim Cook wrote:
> I've tried all the suggestions and everyone of the attempts to get the
> code from the server hangs up during 
> "Copying inventory texts 2/5" (I even left the last attempt running over
> night).   

Two questions:

    - What does bzr --version say?
    - Did you "bzr launchpad-login timothywayne"?
    - Does it say that it's fetching using http: or bzr+ssh:?

This is a showstopper for you moving on -- if you can't create a
branch then something is very wrong! I'm copying Martin Pool so he can
track your replies.

> I also tried requesting merges to the two new directories that I created
> through the web interface.

Ah, merge requests. I never liked the name of those because they are
somewhat misleading; here is what they actually are:


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