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Re: Requiring full name to join ~launchpad-beta-testers

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Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
>> We require that all members of the team use their full real name as
>> their Launchpad Display Name  - e.g. Johnny Ball.
> Is this really a requirement? At least I don't think it was when I applied for
> membership (the only requirement was to not publish screenshots of Launchpad
> beta, as at that time beta had the new theme, and to be subscribed to
> launchpad-uses IIRC).

It certainly has been for a long while.  I got membership before
requiring it, so was lucky.
> Anyway, if this is a requirement now, it should be documented at

It should.  I presume matt will do this.
> And could someone please explain why is this needed? I can't really understand
> why, as someone will just write a false name, and that's IMHO worse than having
> a nick.

It appears to be because certain people, the high-ups included, prefer
to deal with people
who are using real names, as they seem more real to them.  They appear
not to care about
the fact that some people like their privacy, and do not wish to use
real names online for various
reasons, including harassment.  This is the first case i've seen of
actually policing the policy, though.

A name is just that - a means of representing someone.  So is a
nickname.  I don't see the difference,
but I'm aware that it makes some other people feel better, if they're
talking to someone who uses two
words to address themselves, instead of one.

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