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Re: [Launchpad-users] Are team polls worth keeping?

On 15/11/10 20:08, Curtis Hovey wrote:
> I believe team polls have failed and are dying.
> Team Polls
> Year    Number
> ---------------
>  2006 |    18
>  2007 |   109
>  2008 |   161
>  2009 |   116
>  2010 |    70
> I believe these numbers are exaggerating the number of polls actually
> used. There was many bug reports about poll types. Polls were created
> but never used. We fixed some of the issues in 2008, and in 2009 we made
> them more prominent in the UI. I believe the decline in the number
> relates the to fact that teams know that the Lp only support simple
> polls and that is not what they want.
> We have choices:
>      1. Remove the feature because we believe it is not valuable, or
>         will never be a convenient or as good are other poll services
>         like Survey Monkey. (about 1 week of work)
>      2. Fix the UI for registering a poll and voting because we believe
>         simple polls are valuable to teams (a few weeks of work)
>      3. Fix the UI for registering a poll and voting and add support for
>         secrecy and condorcet voting because we believe that this is a
>         compelling feature (a month or more of work)

I just went to create a test poll to play with the feature. My thoughts:

1) The use of a plain text box instead of a date picker for choosing the
start and end times is really quite horrid.

2) "A poll cannot open less than 12 hours after it's created."  Huh?
Why? This is a silly restriction, liable to send potential users away.


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