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Re: [Launchpad-users] version upload issue

On 15 February 2011 01:27, Daniel Hollocher <danielhollocher@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for the tips folks.  I'm not sure how much changing the version is an
> option for me.
>> It's not messed up, but as others have said you can't reuse that version.
>> If you just got it slightly wrong, increment the number and try again.
>>  For example if you accidentally uploaded 2.2 as 2.3-1ubuntu1, and you
>> now want to upload the real 2.3, just say 2.3-1ubuntu-2.  If you used
>> a number very far in the future and the real series will never pass
>> that, you need to use an epoch as Umang suggested.
>> If you need help say more about your particular case.
> I'm trying to maintain a patch against the kernel, and I'm trying to script
> most of the re-packaging.  I made some mistakes and I ended up uploading a
> maverick versioned meta-linux to the lucid series.  So 2.6.35 instead of
> 2.6.32, ie, for the life of lucid.  I believe I have the issue fixed, so it
> shouldn't be a problem in the future.  But it is still good to know that I
> have to be careful.
> I'm using a testing ppa, soo, I think worse comes to worse, I think I can
> just create a new testing ppa.  And regarding changing the epoch, I suspect
> that just making a new ppa makes more sense and is less risky.
> Let me know if there is anything wrong with my approach.

I think this is a reasonable approach, assuming you don't have so many
people following the ppa that changing urls will be a problem.

You might even get away with deleting and then re-creating the ppa.

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