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Re: New feature - Custom bug listings


On 29 January 2012 15:48, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> You can now sort bugs by criteria such as name, importance, status
>> and age. You can switch on the criteria that you use most and turn
>> off criteria that you don’t use. So if you always like to see bug
>> age, but aren’t interested in heat, you can switch on age and
>> switch off heat, and so on.
> Sorting by name seems like an unusual feature. Can you give some
> examples of how that might be useful?

We would have had to go out of our way to prevent people from sorting
by name. Each item in the listing is sortable (other than, at the
moment, the icons showing whether there's a linked branch etc).

>> We’ve also redesigned how bug listings are displayed – fitting
>> more information into each bug listing, and adding sort options
 such as bug age, assignee, reporter, and tags.
> Do you have before-and-after screenshots showing how you've fit more
> information into the listings?

"Fitting more information" is open to two different interpretations.
What we've done is allow people to choose to show previously
unavailable items in a listing, such as bug age or assignee.

> For me, the information density of bug listings has gone way down, not
> up. Every bug report in the list now takes up at least two lines
> (because the project/package is shown on its own line), and sometimes
> three, whereas before it took up one line and sometimes two.

We looked hard for a compromise between the needs of people who need
many bugs listed on screen at once and the need to make the listing
easily scannable. I've CCd Huw who may want to chip in here. We
decided that adding more and more columns, with each new item of info,
would lead to unpleasant horizontal scrolling or uselessly narrow
columns. So, we went for an approach nearer to that of AskUbuntu. This
made it easier to add or remove items, especially for the majority of
LP visits coming from screen widths of 1368 px or below.

We still have work to do to make sure that the most important data can
be viewed all on one line. We've yet to define "most important" but
it's likely to be that which gets viewed most.

Thanks for the comments/questions.

Matthew Revell
Launchpad Product Manager