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Re: How can I log into my old user account which doesn't have an email?


William Grant <william.grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On 19/03/15 07:06, Hong Xu wrote:
>> William Grant <william.grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> On 18/03/15 15:52, Hong Xu wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I have my old launchpad account, but I didn't associate the account with
>>>> an email account at that time. If I try to log in with the user name,
>>>> the login page prompts me that I must enter an email account. What
>>>> should I do? There was no data associate with my old account, but I
>>>> still want old account's user name back.
>>> It's never been possible to register or log into a Launchpad account
>>> without an email address. There's an account with the address you used
>>> to send this email, so that's probably the one you're looking for -- try
>>> requesting a password reset.
>> Strange, I tried all my email addresses but none of them is associated
>> with any account. I registered before Ubuntu One was there. Are you sure
>> email is required for registration at that time? What I
>> remembered was that email was not required.
> An email address has always been required to create a Launchpad or
> Ubuntu One account. Have you tried requesting a password reset for
> hong@xxxxxxxxxx?

Nope, this email was used to register a new account later. Can I send
you the user name and would you tell me the email address of it?


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