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Another Lubuntu Question


I have added my name to the project (Robin Arnaud) as you suggested. I have a question which may not be appropriate for the Wiki:

There is already an LXDE distro based on Ubuntu Intrepid which you may know about already, called MoonOS. It is elegant and beautiful. Are we "re-inventing the wheel" here? Can't we or shouldn't we examine that distro's progress as a clue of what to expect from Lubuntu?

I tried several times to install and run Shae Smitte's "U-Lite" distro, but it was such an exercise in frustration that I finally gave up on it. I like Shae. We've even corresponded a little. But in the back of my mind I worry that Lubuntu could be a repeat of my U-Lite experience - very buggy, hours to find up-to-date repositories, unsuccessful update attempts, etc.

I'm currently running Ubuntu Jaunty with LXDE installed and the Ubuntu desktop purged (using "apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop"). It's pretty much trouble free.

I read that Linux Mint is very quickly developing their own LXDE-based "community edition." Mint is always a few months behind Ubuntu - so wouldn't it be a hoot if they release their own LXDE distro before we get ours done! <giggle>


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