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Re: Another Lubuntu Question


Hi Robin,

there are numerous distros coming with LXDE as default. See here
http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Category:Linux_Distributions I added MoonOS a
couple of weeks ago myself. I have not tried it. It is also a new

Distros have different advantages and focus. Besides the goal of
lightweightness and simplicity, one focus of lubuntu is to bringt
together a viable and sustainable community. This will take time, but
we are not pressed. (However it would be nice to have a first version

I believe any effort we are doing with lubuntu can help different
distros based on Ubuntu. Currently the number of people working on
packages is rather small for example. We could change that a bit I
hope. Also there is an additional focus to make a distro run on ARM
and Mips. How the progress and work will look like depends on the
people involved.

Having an initial statement of Canonical and some people actually
working for Canonical in the team makes me confident that we work on a
viable project, that has the potential to become an official Ubuntu
derivate with the goals defined. There is no official statement about
this though, just informal meetings and chats.

About Mint, it is also a good choice. Would be great if we could join
up with many different projects.

All the best,


On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 1:21 PM, Robin <dixiedancer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have added my name to the project (Robin Arnaud) as you suggested. I have
> a question which may not be appropriate for the Wiki:
> There is already an LXDE distro based on Ubuntu Intrepid which you may know
> about already, called MoonOS. It is elegant and beautiful. Are we
> "re-inventing the wheel" here? Can't we or shouldn't we examine that
> distro's progress as a clue of what to expect from Lubuntu?
> I tried several times to install and run Shae Smitte's "U-Lite" distro, but
> it was such an exercise in frustration that I finally gave up on it. I like
> Shae. We've even corresponded a little. But in the back of my mind I worry
> that Lubuntu could be a repeat of my U-Lite experience - very buggy, hours
> to find up-to-date repositories, unsuccessful update attempts, etc.
> I'm currently running Ubuntu Jaunty with LXDE installed and the Ubuntu
> desktop purged (using "apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop"). It's pretty much
> trouble free.
> I read that Linux Mint is very quickly developing their own LXDE-based
> "community edition." Mint is always a few months behind Ubuntu - so wouldn't
> it be a hoot if they release their own LXDE distro before we get ours done!
> <giggle>
> Thanks,
> Robin