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Installation Testing {Was: Re: Apology}


On Tue, 2009-05-26 at 17:13 -0400, Robin wrote:
> I owe Shae a huge apology!!
> My correspondence regarding my U-Lite experience should not have been
> copied to this list! It was meant to be private, but it must have been
> copied to this list as well.
> Shae, my own frustrating experience with U-Lite notwithstanding, I
> think it's great that you are here and helping to create Lubuntu. Your
> experience and expertise far outweighs my own, and I have no doubt
> that the project has already enormously benefited from your
> participation and experience.
> My sincere apologies for my carelessness.
> Red-faced,
> Robin

Hello Robin,

Don't worry about it too much. Perhaps you could have been a bit more
tactful, but when it comes to FOSS projects, negative user feedback is
better than no feedback at all.

On the other hand, providing more detailed feedback would be even
better. Since the next task I've assigned to myself in the
TestingSubteam is an InstallationReportTemplate for our wiki, and since
you have indicated you are interested in helping with testing, perhaps
we can profit from your experience?

In other words and more generally addressed to everyone:

Perhaps we can work out our installation testing procedure using U-lite,
MoonOS or other LXDE-on-Ubuntu distros? Then, once Lubuntu is ready to
try, we will have our testing procedure ready to go. As well, we can
help the other projects by giving them more detailed feedback on their

If anyone is interested in adding to or commenting on the
InstallationReportTemplate or procedure, head on over to the starting
point at the TestingSubTeam page, and look under "Current Tasks":