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Re: Lubuntu could end up like Xubuntu (Heavy & Slow)


Hi guys, completely agree with all of this, but first i think is to determine what we want our market to be. Do we want to be out of the box, forget about needed to install something to make it "usable" (ie: flash, codecs) or do we want to be a bare minimum speedy OS. either way, i like both ideas, but we do need to determine what we wish to be and go for it. Il admit, i am ignorant of the rules or objectives we need to meet to be a ubuntu derivative, and we must adhere to that, But Mr. Ed Hewitt brings up some very valid points,

I have been selling linux based computers for years now, and I have a good idea of what people want either way.

Jon York

From: wiebelhaus@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 12:49:44 -0500
To: lubuntu-desktop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu could end up like Xubuntu (Heavy &	Slow)

Ed Hewitt makes some very good points , Something to look at would be the Fluxbuntu project the 7.10 Version was amazing because it was very very slim nothing except the essentials installed but it also retained the availability of all those other apps by using the official repositories. I don't think anyone has to worry about something missing because the people that would be drawn to Lubuntu would certinaly be savvy enough to fetch it for themselves.

What's good isn't always golden , I agree with the minilmist idea that Ed Hewitt proposed here.


Dallas Wiebelhaus.

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 12:40 PM, Ed Hewitt <edwardahewitt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I'm Ed Hewitt (chewit in IRC). I have just joined the Lubuntu team in Launchpad, I am very keen to give you help with the Lubuntu project. I have been using Xubuntu since 7.10 release, and over the years Xubuntu has been getting heavier and slower after each release. This has been down two things. First, the Ubuntu developers adding more applications and utilies to improve the usability of the operating system. Secondly, Xubuntu is just Ubuntu with Xfce 'bolted on'. No thought has gone into using as little gnome depencies as possible. These two points have made Xubuntu heavy and slow, and not a lightweight distro. It is very close to being as heavy as Ubuntu!

My worry with the Lubuntu project is that when it becomes an official Ubuntu distro, it will have loads of extra apps added which will make it slow and heavy like Xubuntu. It will be a waste your time creating a distro which went the same way as Xubuntu. I am writing this message to warn you that it could happen. I want to join the Lubuntu and help decide the best applications to add to the operating systems and ways to make it as light as possible.

I have looked at the Lubuntu application list and I am already concerned with the success of the project. It appears Lubuntu will have more applications installed than the Ubuntu install!

The best way I see Lubuntu being setup is to carefully follow the way Debian is created, since Debain is very lightweight. I believe it is best to use the Ubuntu minimal install with LXDE added on, then we add a carefully selection of applications. Such as:

Web browser - FirefoxEmail - ClawsChat - Pidgin, Xchat
Office - Abiword, Gnumeric, ePDFMedia - Totem, Rhythmbox (would like to use VLC, but it uses QT4)GIMP

Synaptic & Update Manager is a mustGnome network manager (need good network support, however it needs to start on boot up)
Some Xfce apps - Notifyd (very nice notification system), taskmanager (but could use lxde task), power manager

We want to keep the apps list small, basic apps which most people will use. Video editing, ftp clients and programming apps are not needed on the base install. If we add loads of apps, we will be a heavy distro. With Lubuntu its performance and lightweight first, sadly xubuntu forgot about that. 

Would like to hear what the whole team thinks and if I can be some help in the development of Lubuntu.



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