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Re: Lubuntu could end up like Xubuntu (Heavy & Slow)


I agree that xubuntu is not lightweight and app selection is key to
this, especially for those that will always execute.  I think something
like connman or wics would be a better choice than network manager for
Lubuntu.  The gnome power management stuff I recall is already
undergoing a radical size reduction, so that issue may solve itself.

jon york wrote:
> Hi guys, completely agree with all of this, but first i think is to
> determine what we want our market to be. Do we want to be out of the
> box, forget about needed to install something to make it "usable" (ie:
> flash, codecs) or do we want to be a bare minimum speedy OS. either way,
> i like both ideas, but we do need to determine what we wish to be and go
> for it. Il admit, i am ignorant of the rules or objectives we need to
> meet to be a ubuntu derivative, and we must adhere to that, But Mr. Ed
> Hewitt brings up some very valid points,
> I have been selling linux based computers for years now, and I have a
> good idea of what people want either way.
> Jon York
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> From: wiebelhaus@xxxxxxxxx
> Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 12:49:44 -0500
> To: lubuntu-desktop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu could end up like Xubuntu (Heavy
> & Slow)
> Ed Hewitt makes some very good points , Something to look at would be
> the Fluxbuntu project the 7.10 Version was amazing because it was very
> very slim nothing except the essentials installed but it also retained
> the availability of all those other apps by using the official
> repositories. I don't think anyone has to worry about something missing
> because the people that would be drawn to Lubuntu would certinaly be
> savvy enough to fetch it for themselves.
> What's good isn't always golden , I agree with the minilmist idea that
> Ed Hewitt proposed here.
> Cheers!.
> Dallas Wiebelhaus.
> On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 12:40 PM, Ed Hewitt
> <edwardahewitt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:edwardahewitt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I'm Ed Hewitt (chewit in IRC). I have just joined the Lubuntu team
>     in Launchpad, I am very keen to give you help with the Lubuntu
>     project. I have been using Xubuntu since 7.10 release, and over the
>     years Xubuntu has been getting heavier and slower after each
>     release. This has been down two things. First, the Ubuntu developers
>     adding more applications and utilies to improve the usability of the
>     operating system. Secondly, Xubuntu is just Ubuntu with Xfce 'bolted
>     on'. No thought has gone into using as little gnome depencies as
>     possible. These two points have made Xubuntu heavy and slow, and not
>     a lightweight distro. It is very close to being as heavy as Ubuntu!
>     My worry with the Lubuntu project is that when it becomes an
>     official Ubuntu distro, it will have loads of extra apps added which
>     will make it slow and heavy like Xubuntu. It will be a waste your
>     time creating a distro which went the same way as Xubuntu. I am
>     writing this message to warn you that it could happen. I want to
>     join the Lubuntu and help decide the best applications to add to the
>     operating systems and ways to make it as light as possible.
>     I have looked at the Lubuntu application list and I am already
>     concerned with the success of the project. It appears Lubuntu will
>     have more applications installed than the Ubuntu install!
>     The best way I see Lubuntu being setup is to carefully follow the
>     way Debian is created, since Debain is very lightweight. I believe
>     it is best to use the Ubuntu minimal install with LXDE added on,
>     then we add a carefully selection of applications. Such as:
>         * Web browser - Firefox
>         * Email - Claws
>         * Chat - Pidgin, Xchat
>         * Office - Abiword, Gnumeric, ePDF
>         * Media - Totem, Rhythmbox (would like to use VLC, but it uses QT4)
>         * GIMP
>         * Synaptic & Update Manager is a must
>         * Gnome network manager (need good network support, however it
>           needs to start on boot up)
>         * Some Xfce apps - Notifyd (very nice notification system),
>           taskmanager (but could use lxde task), power manager
>     We want to keep the apps list small, basic apps which most people
>     will use. Video editing, ftp clients and programming apps are not
>     needed on the base install. If we add loads of apps, we will be a
>     heavy distro. With Lubuntu its performance and lightweight first,
>     sadly xubuntu forgot about that.
>     Would like to hear what the whole team thinks and if I can be some
>     help in the development of Lubuntu.
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