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PCManFM 2 Trash/Files and other Bugs



here some bugs I noticed with the last pcmanfm2 version from ppa repo.

Creating a new empty file works but not always displays the new file right away (refresh is necessary).
Same goes for creating files or directories from within the terminal. They don't show up in pcmanfm. I need to relaunch or reload the folder for this. (gamin, famin support broken !? or an lxdm problem as starting pcmanfm2 from terminal, refresh works nicely) 
Doubeclicking (or Oneclicking) the empty file causes a crash. (Same goes for downloaded files/ maybe all files?) 
Crash message from Terminal: 
pcmanfm: symbol lockup error: pcmanfm: undefined symbol: fm_file_info_get_target 

Btw: for lubuntu-default-settings: Terminal command & Sudo command are not set. 

Another Bug I found creating a symbolic link to a folder in a new folder (e.g. create folder test in home and inside test a link to Music folder in home directory) and then copying the folder test somewhere. It will grab a copy of the Music folder and its contents. So that I don't have a link anymore to my home Music folder.
Moving the  the test folder to trash (its also a bug for all files) and then trying to empty trash, asks once if I am sure to empty the trash, and then twice if I really want to delete this file(s). After deletion there is a error Message: "Items in the Trash may not be modified"
DebuG output from terminal:

** (pcmanfm2:2255): DEBUG: total number of files to delete: 695871700809547777
** (pcmanfm2:2255): DEBUG: file operation is finished!
** (pcmanfm2:2255): DEBUG: total number of files to delete: 4
** (pcmanfm2:2255): DEBUG: FmJob error: Items in the trash may not be modified
** (pcmanfm2:2255): DEBUG: file operation is finished!

So this are almost all bugs I found so far. All in all the gvfs seems not to work properly. I really don't know whats causing this problems. 



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