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Re: FW: Another interesting music player


Le jeudi 24 juin 2010 à 00:13 +0300, Andrew a écrit :
> I just love DeadBeef... I only miss one thing: being able to import
> playlists form other music players. Xnoise is interesting because it
> can play videos too and from what I've read, Ubuntu is targeting a
> media player such as Banshee (it's being considered to be made default
> for UNE sometime) because it can play both music and video files. And
> that does make sense: a media player instead of both a video and a
> music player.

Someone suggested this to me : keep only a video player which plays
music and drop the music player. And I must admit that the option is a
valid one. gnome-mplayer can do all the job.
Another (bad) example, Windows have only a media player, not a video +
music player.

Julien Lavergne

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