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Re: Fwd: Grub Install Bug @Lubuntu-10.04 (Distribution Release)


On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 06:12:35 +0100
Phillip Whiteside <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Goh,
> I'm not quite sure how to explain this to you?
> Rule #1 You install *buntu it works, if it does not work it does not
> break anything.
> At present it can totally break things. There is no point arguing
> over it, just go see the forum area for people for whom it has broken
> there is no point saying that it is does not, as there are a lot of
> people saying that it does.
> The problems with grub2 and Win7 were bad enough under the 'older'
> grub2. You do not seem to have read through that thread fully
> some links to read,

Phillip, have read your links above. To add, there are some problems
not in your links related to Dell's recovery system, raid, lvm and
others.......but not to denigrate your specific issue which is the
failure to install by "install grub-pc" and you have found
success by "sudo apt-get install grub-pc";  yes, you're right, I cannot
see the point arguing that it should just work with "install grub-pc"
and not just "sudo apt-get install grub-pc". You do not seem to have
read how to use 'sudo' and 'apt-get' rather than understanding how to
install grub.

Are there any more specific issues with grub you like to bring up
rather than saying I haven't read fully?

Goh Lip

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