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Re: Dell Mini-9 issues


@Phill: Thanks.. the 95% bug I should have looked up!  If I can ever
burn a CD (see below) I'll try the install with ethernet unplugged. :)

@Andy: Okay, this is weird.  I did check the md5sum of the ISO I
downloaded, but I did *not* check the CD I burned.. and I should have.

I've now made three coasters, four counting the original one, and no
matter what system I use to burn the CD, the file boot.cat comes out
with the wrong md5.  It's the only error on the CD.  Neither Brasero
nor Xfburn can put this image on a CD without screwing up that one
file.  And neither one warns me of the error.  I wonder why it's
always the same file?

Anyway, my apologies.. I should have checked the CD as well as the
ISO, obviously!  There's something I won't forget to do ever again. :)
 Now if I can just get it to burn accurately, just once, I can start
over and hopefully things will work better.


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