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Re: Summary of the UDS


On Sat, 6 Nov 2010 17:04:02 +0800
PCMan <pcman.tw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We can write some compatibility macros to ease the migration.
> For example, gtk+ 3 prohibit directly accessing data members of GTK+
> data structures.
> However, this is used frequently in gtk+ 2. We can write wrapper
> macros to make gtk+ code compiles under gtk+ 2.

I began to look at it, and except lxapnel and libfm which appear to be quite long, other LXDE should not be problem. I already begin to write patches, and forwarding them to the LXDE patches tracker.
But any help from uptream will be welcome :) Yes, macros could be a solution to migrate more easier, I think pcmanfm already use some macros for this.

> This gets rid of gconf, but introduces dconf instead.
> So anyway we need some *conf thing from gnome, but now it's partially
> bound to glib.
There is also a mode without dconf and gconf, using .ini files. I don't known how is the state of this backend, but it's maybe a good solution. 

Julien Lavergne

Julien Lavergne <gilir@xxxxxxxxxx>