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Re: trash can question


On Sat, 04 Dec 2010 22:52:34 -0000, Phill Whiteside <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

And people say I can be straight to the point :P

I've no idea how big a job it would be for pcman, but there have been a
couple of times this has popped its head up. We have to accept that people
are coming over from Win / Mac environments, and easing the transition is
some thing we need to be aware of. If it could be added to the "wish-list"
at least we can let people know that they are not being ignored and when
time allows it will be looked into. I appreciate that there are far more
important tasks that need to be carried out before we get to the

To be honest the, helping Windows/Mac users line of reasoning doesn’t really wash with me. It’s NOT Windows/OSX, so it can and should be different. Having said that I’m not opposed to a working desktop Rubbish Bin or even a Panel Applet. I have carried out a basic bit of market research, on the Ubuntu-UK mailing-list and the answer there was 'meh', Nobody had any strong views as such. I just think there seems to be an awful lot of time and energy being expended on a rather trivial matter.

Steve (Yorvyk)