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Re: Need tests for 10.10 (maverick) updated


2011/1/29 Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On 01/28/2011 05:58 PM, Phill Whiteside wrote:
>> Quietly stalks jonathon for a new slave for julien.... just do not
>> let him know yet :)
> Heh.  That will teach me to ask questions before introducing myself :)
> ( BTW, just to be pedantic, I'm Jonathan -- one "o" and two "a"s)
> I'm a very long time Linux user (since late 1992), very comfortable with
> system and network administration.  I've done some Debian/Ubuntu bug
> fixing and packaging, and have a few packages officially in both
> distributions with my name in the debian/changelog file.  I'm probably
> technically proficient enough to become a MOTU (so others have told me!)
> but consistently putting time into MOTU work and being familiar with all
> the surrounding procedural stuff may be more than I want to commit to at
> the moment.  I'm happy scripting in shell, Perl, Python, etc. and I can
> code in lower level languages when the need arises :)
> I'm prone to giving talks at my local Linux User Group, and occasionally
> known to create or edit or proof read documentation (I added some items
> to the wiki page for the recent Lubuntu documentation day, although I
> wasn't free to actually do any work on the day itself!).
> My primary personal interest in Lubuntu is for lower-spec older PCs,
> which have been "rescued" and set up ready to give away to folks who
> wouldn't otherwise have a PC at home at all.  On modern high end desktop
> hardware, GNOME or KDE don't seem to slow things down much any more :)
> I'd really like to see Lubuntu seen and treated as "equal" to Ubuntu and
> Kubuntu and Edubuntu, on Canonical web sites and on forums etc., partly
> so I don't have to explain it to people so often :)
> This kind of testing of proposed packages seems pretty straightforward,
> so I'll hope to get at least a couple of Julien's proposed fixes tested
> this weekend so we can move things along.
> On IRC I tend to hang out in #ubuntu-server, #ubuntu-motu and #debian
> ... and I will try to pop up in #lubuntu from time to time :)
> Jonathan

I'm glad to see another packager here :) If you need to understand
Ubuntu workflow (not easy sometimes :)), or if you need sponsorship
for upload, you should drop to #lubuntu chan, there are 2 MOTU
(hyperair and me) who can help you :)

And thank you for your tests on the fixes :)

Julien Lavergne