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Re: wiki artwork reordered


2011/1/29 神癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna) <rafaellaguna@xxxxxxxxx>
> Theme related
>  With the indications from Simon Steinbeiß, Ozone is now Equinox free and
> incredibly fast. I've reduced even more the file structure and its
> dependencies on other files, so it's easily installable. Please, check it
> out and comment. I appreciate it, and final users too [image: :)]
> Thanks :)

I tested it on a natty virtual box, and the result of the panel theme is
just beautiful :)
For the gtk theme, there is still a depends on murrine engine. If you remove
the murine engine, many applications lost their theme. I must admit that the
result with murrine installed is very nice, but I would like to avoid the
installation of another gtk engine.

Is it possible to keep the murrine settings, and to fallback to another
settings using another engine if murrine is not installed ? I'm not a gtk
theme expert, so what is possible to do :)

Julien Lavergne

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