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Re: wiki artwork reordered


I'm afraid not. When you define a widget you are telling first which
engine will draw it, and then specify its design. So, putting two
definitions of one widget will cause that GTK will use the last one in
the gtkrc file.

Do you think that include Murrine in the distro is a problem? Look at
Elementary or Ambiance / Radiance. They are heavily based on Murrine and
they're fast, because using the Cairo lib (everything is vectorial). I
think the Murrine package is small (90 kb, Clearlooks is about 45 kb,
both compressed, after decompression they will grow up to 300 kb).

So, I can't imitate the widget style from Murrine using Clearlooks. In
fact is impossible, because Andrea Cimitan designed it looking for a
full set of eyecandy on the widgets (while keeping the speed, of

If you think that's impossible to apply Ozone to Lubuntu, please, tell
me before spending several days :) and we'll look for another solution.

Sorry for this inconvenience.


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