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Re: iso disc defects (and build process documentation)


2011/2/11 Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I'd love to see that happen too.  When I ask Phill about Lubuntu's
> "officialness", I am told something like "we are treated as official by
> Canonical already" -- but in important ways for developers, at least, we
> are not yet really being treated as equals.
Yes, in a dev point of view, we are not official. But for
documentation, artwork, and beginner teams, we are treated equals with
other flavors. It's still a process "in progress", but my contact from
Canonical is quiet for weeks :-/

> In the interim, last night I played some with live-helper and was able
> to create an LUbuntu-like ISO image with it.  I need to check my package
> list against what is on the LUbuntu Alpha2 ISO, but it's somewhat close,
> at least :)
> Pro: My "nearly-LUbuntu" ISO boots fine in Virtualbox, which the real
> Lubuntu ISOs don't seem to want to do, for me at least, on Lucid in
> virtualbox 4.0.2.  This is a huge deal for me, since virtualbox is how I
> do most of my experimentation and testing.
> Con: No pretty graphical bootloader and menus, just a older-fashioned
> looking Debian-style boot.  There's probably some parameters to "lh
> config" I can use to fix that, it just needs more work.
live-helper is not used for Ubuntu ISO (as far as I know), it's
probably why you have a different behavior.

> Well... maybe the team as a whole is "to blame", because the principle
> of documenting its processes, so others can understand them, repeat them
> and work with them, is not yet an established part of LUbuntu culture?
> Let's agree it is a current weakness, and do what we can to fix it.
Ok, so I have work to do on the wiki :)

> Ah... that one I had seen before, but now I also clicked on
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Developers/TODO which has more specific
> items listed.  Is this TODO page reasonably up to date?
It's more items that I didn't turn into bug reports. I'll try to
update them during the week-end.

> I was hoping to find a few smallish things I can do to help, such as
> create amd64 ISOs, maybe fix the ISO checksum issue so that it *stays*
> fixed for all future LUbuntu builds that follow our project-agreed and
> documented build process, etc.  I may not have much time this weekend,
> but yes, do please go ahead and publish the packaging tools/work if you
> can :)
Well, the easiest way for now is to take a bug report and try to find
a fix, or to test the natty ISO and report bugs.

Julien Lavergne

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