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Re: Lubuntu development process documentation, etc.


On 02/11/2011 06:54 AM, Julien Lavergne wrote:

> Well, the main problem now is to found developers, not organize the work :)
> Actually, the development of LXDE is very quiet : one of the main dev
> have quiet, pcman is busy, and other distro maintainers are also
> quiet. I was not very active recently also.

Yes and no.

I think if the overall process is clear, perhaps I can pick up some
bigfix and smaller tasks, and free you (and hopefully others!) to work
on larger longer term development items.

My sense is that there is some considerable value in taking care of the
"small things" to make Lubuntu feel a bit more polished, easier to
install and get started with, etc.  I'm not sure I am a good choice of
dev to be making major enhancements to LXDE itself.  I am more of a
command line network and server admin type of guy than a GUI expert.

But my point is partly that if we want to attract developers, having a
published way that we do things, and a set of TODO items, allows anyone
interested to "get their feet wet" on smaller items, without a big
investment of their time figuring out things that others *already*
figured out :)


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