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Re: Creating alternate ISOs, 64bit ISOs, etc. (status update)


Am Mittwoch 23 Februar 2011, um 08:55:24 schrieb Jonathan Marsden:
> On 02/22/2011 09:47 PM, PYROcomp wrote:
> > We are interested in giving a hand with building install ISOs.
> > Is there a source for information on this process?
> > Could you help us out in getting started?
> > 
> > You do an EXCELLENT job and we know that opensource can be a very
> > time demanding hobby thus we wanna help out!
> I have a HOWTO from Julien (gilir) that he uses to create the official
> Lubuntu ISOs.
> I am in the process of (slowly and carefully) converting it into a
> script (actually a couple of scripts, at the moment; I might merge them
> back into one later) that can run automatically with no human input...
> if that works 100%, then using it would be one way to get others involved.
> However, so far I've been asked not to redistribute the HOWTO (which is
> sort of almost a script) -- that's Julien's choice.
> If I get ISOs created that really work correctly, and especially if I
> get automated daily or weekly builds going here, does your group have
> somewhere I can upload them to, that has appropriate server bandwidth to
> host them for others (worldwide) to download?  That would be a really
> useful thing to have; not needed right now today, but hopefully needed
> in a few days time :)
> Incidentally, I hope to build my first "more or less Lubuntu" ISO from
> these two scripts, "hands off" except for entering a sudo password,
> before I go to bed tonight (it is 23:40 here... so that's not very far
> away at all!).  No promises, just a statement about where I am in this
> process :)
> I also have info on the general idea of creating Ubuntu ISOs using the
> official Ubuntu tools and approaches, and once I have the "Julien way"
> working, I want to start moving towards the "Ubuntu official" way... but
> how long that will take, I don't yet know.
> ....

Creating a LiveCD (also called Desktop CD) and creating a Install only CD are 
a different pair of shoes. 
The LiveCD basically is only a compressed and ready to use Lubuntu System 
(which is tweaked to run with a live user and so on) . The InstallCD is 
nothing but the debian-installer (also called text-only installer) plus a repo 
of packages (basically containing all the lubuntu packages necessary for 
installing a fresh lubuntu system). 
I already build both of them so far. The InstallCD was a little bit tricky 
back then, because the tasksel list needed patching for recognizing and 
installing the 'lubuntu-desktop' . 
My guess is that the ubuntu devs are using the live-helper scripts as they are 
quite good and can generate live and install cds. 
Back then I simply created a minimal install cd and patched it to use the 
lubuntu logo in isolinux. Then I also created a mirror containing the packages 
lubuntu-desktop depends on and repackaged the iso. (some things like the 
.disk-info/* files needed patching and renaming too) 
I guess this procedure can be automated with live-helper as you can create 
some scripts that it will exchange the branding and use a local repo. 
The same goes for the LiveCDs . 
The live-helper script way has the advantage of creating a git repo or bazaar 
repo containing all the configuration files, packagelists and so on for building 
the iso. So it is easily changeable and changes can be logged. 
I know the way of creating a script which only does what you want is quite 
convenient as I am also using my own script to build livecds. (called 
remaster-kit and that basically does what the names stands for, only remaster 
live systems which already exists)  

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