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Re: ISO size and language packs


Le lundi 28 février 2011 à 19:51 -0800, Jonathan Marsden a écrit :
> Great!  Then I recommend that Lubuntu does this "the Ubuntu way" for
> the
> gnome packs; we can (for now) keep all the language-pack-?? ones in,
> but
> by default create Lubuntu LiveCD ISOs that only include
> language-pack-gnome-?? for:
>   en fr es xh pt de bn zh-hans
> That's only 8, not 9, but that is what I see in the seed :)  The ship
> seed has a few more
>   hi ar ru ja
> which I would guess are high priority languages if we do have space
> for
> their gnome packs.
I had that in mind. gnome pack are only necessary for a few
applications, so it should be a low priority (vs the basic packs). Let's
keep that list for now, not need to fullfil the CD now, we will do it
for the RC and the final release.

> Speaking of using seeds... at some point I/we should change Lubuntu
> LiveCD generation to be done using seeds and germinate... right? 
Yes, you need to read the "live" file in the lubuntu seed repository :

It's currently not up-to-date, but it should when it will be used :)

Julien Lavergne