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Re: Boot problems with Natty Alpha ISOs


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On 03/05/2011 03:01 AM, Andrew Woodhead wrote:

> Also burn as SLOWLY as you can and use the test on the CD so you know
> its good

Grin!  If you can't boot from a CD, it is difficult to get to the menu
on the CD to use the test item there :) :)

You *can* manually check the md5sum of the ISO itself, since we provide
those both on the relevant Lubuntu Wiki page and as a
lubuntu-whatever.iso.md5 file which can be downloaded.

You can also check the md5sum of what you burned to a CD-R manually, but
you need the number of 2K blocks the .iso file takes up to do that, so
you need to do something like

  dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=2k count=$(($(stat --printf %s
lubuntu-natty-alpha3.iso)/2048)) 2>/dev/null |md5sum

and compare the output with the md5 hash value in the
lubuntu-natty-alpha3.iso.md5 file.

The above is a decent test to do right after burning a CD.  Once you are
past that stage, and assuming you have multiple PCs around, I think it
is probably easier (and may even be a better test of a CD) to just boot
the questionable CD in a different PC, and run the "Test CD" menu item
there, instead.

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