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Re: system requirements (computing disk space)


On Tue, 3 May 2011, PCMan <pcman.tw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Will it be better to run "df" periodially at a several second interval
> during installation to get a more accurate number?

As far as I know, The number in casper/filesystem.size *should* be
being generated from the installed-size fields in each of the packages
we install.  I plan to add code to do this to our ISO creation script

> After installation, we run df again to see how much disk space is
> used. Then, we reserved some space, maybe 256mb for swap and some
> space for other apps, maybe 512 MB. This value is the disk space
> "suggested".

There is no "suggested".  There is only one number, which ubiquity uses
to compute a minimum size, and will not let you override and "continue
anyway".  So whatever value we use, it will be a "required" value.

> We need more accurate number by measurement rather than by assumption.

We do?  Why?  Who needs this, for what?  Why isn't computing the number
from the package installed sizes, and then halving it (since Ubiquity
now doubles it!!) and adding some small "reserve" going to be
sufficiently "accurate"?

The issue here is that your idea of "reserve some extra space" is 256MB
swap + maybe 512MB, whereas Ubiquity's "reserve some extra space"
heuristic is now apparently "whatever space all the default install
packages take".

In practice, since getting under 2GB total for Lubuntu's default
install would be cutting things rather close, as long as "our" setup
allows installing in something less than 4GB, we should be fine.