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Hiyas mate,

(If I can still call you that).

Seems to have been getting a bit frustrating. I'm sorry I've not been around
too much owing to that database recovery, which finally seems to be going

I've had a good chat with charles tonight, with their TL down for hospital
stuff - that team is also suffering a bit.

The 'urgent' as asked for is:

(22:46:48) phillw: All we need, and it is really important, is that
accessibilty tell us what is "urgent for basic accessibillity ", what is
"medium term" and what would "be really nice to have".
(22:46:52) charlie-tca: but as to priorities, how do we set them? Take the
list pia created, decide what the team is able to add for Oneiric, label the
rest as O + 1. If Lubuntu can use compiz, users can add the magnifier
(22:47:06) charlie-tca: If not, try to find a screen magnifier that works
with it.
(22:47:16) charlie-tca: okay
*(22:47:57) charlie-tca: Urgent: Screen-reader, magnifier, on-screen
keyboard, mouse/switch dwelling settings (mousetweaks) for non-keyboard
(22:48:06) phillw: lubuntu has shown itself to be quite capable of taking,
certainly compiz 2D in. but we do not Unity.
(22:48:14) charlie-tca: Is all that possible for Oneiric?
(22:48:49) phillw: Having now the list - i can at least ask!
(22:48:53) charlie-tca: espeak is a text based screen reader, we need a gui
based one, too
(22:49:30) phillw: the author of espeak did a GUI?
(22:49:46) charlie-tca: I know of two, orca and kaccessible. Kaccessible
needs qt and kde, orca needs a lot of gnome
(22:50:11) phillw: give me a few minutes.
(22:50:43) charlie-tca: We also need both high-contrast and low-contrast
(22:51:51) charlie-tca: Ideally, dasher needs to work, since it is the best
on screen writing program we have at the time.
(22:51:58) phillw: now, I met this young man again when I joined
accessibility, he put a GUI out..
(22:52:41) phillw: I was impressed, it still needed a bit opf work, but it
did work.
(22:52:52) charlie-tca: Will it work with the monitor turned off?
(22:53:12) charlie-tca: If we need a sighted person to read the errors, if
(22:53:59) phillw: next time you see RainCT on line, ask him!
(22:54:03) charlie-tca: It has taken me about three years to get a theme for
Xubuntu that works for visually impaired users
(22:54:57) charlie-tca: This is what makes setting priorities for a team so
difficult. We have many needs for handi-capped users, but we can only fix
one or two at a time.
(22:55:14) phillw: I have also been given a few projects to have a look at
by Alan Bell, but relaistically they are a at least 2 cycles away.
(22:55:32) charlie-tca: According to Canonical, Accessibility in unity
worked great! According to testing it, it fails miserably. We can't use it.
(22:56:28) charlie-tca: Two cycles is nothing. If the project fits the
distribution, you plan for it, and you add those plans to release notes.

I've added a bit of 'wrap' around that part of the chat, charlie has agreed
that the entire chat be paste binned. He is a very honourable man, you can
see some of his own frustrations come out at times. I am proud to be able to
talk frankly and openly with him. Any genuine enquiries from Lubuntu he will
endeavour to answer.

The full chat is at http://pastebin.com/HhdCeC9v

JM, please bear with me, I've had this heartache before, but at least you
have now an 'urgent' list and acceptance that it is quite probable you and
julien do not have a chance of getting any of them in place for 11.10. I'm
going to switch from chatting to people on accessbility mailing list who
like to moan to those who have an understanding of 'what is possible given
the available resources'. It will take a little while to get this sub-team
together, but I know who I want on it.




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