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Re: Help pages (and tracking wiki page renames)


On 06/03/2011 07:10 PM, Phill Whiteside wrote:

> Some pages have been renamed, the structure - especially for
> GetLubuntu and  TestLubuntu has really changed!

Such renames should have been done so that diverts from the "old" name
to the new one within that tree still work.  If so, then no problem, a
double-divert will still get you where you need to be.

> As for "So a bulk edit of all those pages" yeah, we have to find
> them 1st.

Then I suspect that the either move was done incorrectly, or the
renaming was done incorrectly.  As you surely know, wikis have
facilities (divert!) specifically designed so that users do not need to
ever manually "just know" what happened when a page is renamed.

Why were wiki editing people allowed to rename some pages in a way that
is not "followable" automatically?  I'm puzzled.  If I rename a page in
MediaWiki, it leaves a redirect behind and it logs the fact of the
rename.  Doesn't it?  I thought that was default "out of the box"
behaviour.  If so, there should be no manual "find them first" step needed.