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Re: Call for review: PCManFM is almost ready for a new release.


Le Monday 13 June 2011 à 19:17 +0800, PCMan a écrit :
> > - Please bump the soname of your library each time you change your API.
> > Distributions can do smooth transitions between versions of
> > libfm/pcmanfm. Also, if you expect other applications to use libfm, you
> > need to use the soname.
> I want to do this for stable tarball releases only. In current stage
> of development, change of API/ABIs can be frequent.
Ok, but technically, it's used as a "stable" application on, at least,
Debian and Ubuntu (and probably many other distributions).

So, what is missing for having a stable release of pcmanfm ? Any major
features are still missing ?

> > - Is it possible to force a reload when you do any operations on a
> > remote place ? When I create a file on my sftp place, I expect that it
> > appears on pcmanfm after the creation. Monitoring is not needed, but any
> > user interactions should affect what pcmanfm shows.
> PCManFM should show the created files even on remote filesystems right
> after you create them. Otherwise it's a bug.
Ok, so it's a bug. I just test it with sftp, and the folder is not
refreshed when I create a directory or a file, from right click and

> > -  I'm not sure having the tabs above the sidebar is good. I personally
> > prefer to have them just above the main window, like Nautilus do. But
> > maybe other people like this behavior ?
> Firefox + IE + Opera all does this. So does old PCManFM 0.5 series.
> In addition, design like nautilus greatly limited the usability of
> tabs since you can only have very few tabs due to limited space.
But I don't think browsers are designed to work full time with a
sidebar, like a files manager. I don't think the comparaison is fully
accurate. But well, it's just personal taste here :)

> > - Don't hesitate to do releases often, it's better for distributions :)
> > Even if bugs are discovered shortly after the release, you can still do
> > a quick X.X.1 release to fix this.
> Given the program is now used by so many users, it's better to have
> releases with better quality.
But it's better than no release at all, especially for application still
in development. Last official release is 2010-10-14 (according to
http://sourceforge.net/projects/pcmanfm/files/ ), more than six months

Julien Lavergne

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