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Re: Call for review: PCManFM is almost ready for a new release.



On 06/13/2011 10:59 PM, Jonathan Marsden wrote:

> ... you have two
> options if you want a package of the current libfm and pcmanfm code:

>  (1) go ahead and package it now, yourself, in your own PPA, or
>  (2) wait for someone else to package it.

Option (2) happened, or is happening.

My PPA at ppa:jmarsden/lubuntu now has libfm and pcmanfm versions for
Natty 11.04, packages that you can help us test.  They are being built
from the upstream git development source code.  Right now, the amd64
versions are already there, and the i386 build of pcmanfm should arrive
in a couple of hours.  So

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jmarsden/lubuntu
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install pcmanfm

should get you a packaged pcmanfm you can test.


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