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Re: Call for review: PCManFM is almost ready for a new release.


Thank you for the patches. I took some time to look at them and found
some issues.

    jmarsden committed 1963619
    Add LINGUAS, reference doc files and libfm-pref-apps.desktop launcher:

We do not translate desktop files directly. Neither do we commit the
translated desktop files.
We did the translation for desktop files in po files, and only put
*.desktop.in files in git.
So the translation should go to *.po, and merged with *.desktop.in
during build process.

    jmarsden committed 530ac5a
    Ensure correct icon is used in panel.
A better fix is to set the icon-name property for the window in
GtkBuilder glade file instead.
We generally avoid building dialog UI in source code and tend to use
GtkBuilder instead when applicable.

    jmarsden committed 284a164
    Add GLIB_LIBS when linking documentation.
This seems to be fine, but I'm not sure which files should be pushed
to git repo since some are generated files.

    jmarsden committed b61f3d6
    Disable deprecated gio code by default.
This looks fine, but will this affect distros with older versions of glib?

    jmarsden committed 618594e
    API change deprecating fmpath_new
This one looks fine.

    jmarsden committed 09b6061
    Specify default terminal emulator (was: 01-lxde-conf.patch in Ubuntu
The x-terminal-emulator thing IIRC is Debian-specific. So this better
goes to debian package rather than upstream.

On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 1:05 PM, Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Jun 2011 01:12:06 +0800 PCMan <pcman.tw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=156956&atid=801864
> OK, thanks, that's good to know.
>>> SUGGESTION: Let's test the current "almost-0.9.9" codebase, fix any
>>> major issues found in the next week or so, then bump the SONAME version
>>> and release it before the end of June 2011.  Can we do that?
>> Yes, if with help from the community. No if I do it myself.
>> Patches from Lubuntu is appreciated.
> Since you mentioned it:
> I *already* turned  libfm patches from Julien's Ubuntu package of
> libfm into a git repo for you, six commits, and posted about doing
> that to this list.  All that was left for you to do was to cherrypick
> which ones you want to include in the upstream sources:
>  https://lists.launchpad.net/lubuntu-desktop/msg03977.html
> As far as I can see, *none* of them have been included so far!  Either I did
> something wrong, or else you don't really want those patches?  Help me
> understand what I have to do so you will accept the commits I made for you from
> Ubuntu patches, please.
>>> Since some testers seem to need packaged versions to test, I'll look at
>>> creating a test unofficial package from git for them, so we get slightly
>>> more testing.  Another way to go would be to release a 0.9.9~rc1
>>> tarball, and a corresponding one for libfm, if that is preferred --
>>> doing that means noone has to use git head for packaging :)
>> That's true.
> I'm playing with writing a script to grab the libfm git head and
> Julien's package and automatically create a new package based on the
> combination of the two.  It doesn't quite work yet... if it does, I'll
> try to do the same for pcmanfm, and then we can create test packages for
> pcmanfm testers much more easily :)
> Jonathan

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