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Re: Fw: Dropping i386 non-PAE as a supported kernel flavour in Precise Pangolin


It was just an idea, given the fact that the lubuntu dev team has no real
dedicated kernel dev that can tackle the project.

Speaking from experience, as an avid linux user, I'll generally get the
latest project that'll work for whatever I need to get done or I'll find
another project.  As I'm not always happy to switch distros, I'll actually
go back and use one that functions and just control the upgrades manually.

Regarding security, it seems that the change will only effect a small
number of older laptops (I've tested the new kernel builds on two that are
about 5-10 years in age and found both still worked), it reduces the
likelihood of those kernels being exploited except by random chance.
 Again, from my experience, linux kernels that get compromised are often
directly targeted and not broad-spectrum attacks.

Just my two cents, though.