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Re: [Lubuntu-wiki-docs] LSC and Dependencies Talk


On 01/16/2012 01:39 AM, Gabriel Salles wrote:
>     *It would be nice if the Lubuntu software centre let the user know
>     which packages were also going to be installed, and also if
>     somehow it could tell the user if the package isn't really
>     designed to go with Lubuntu.*
> I didn't understand. Here, LSC shows all the packages that are going
> to be installed with the main software.
As I read it, it sounds like some users can't translate that into the
answer to the question "will this work with my resource-limited machine?"
>     *However, is there a reason why non-Lubuntu-approved apps are are
>     in the LUBUNTU Software Center? Somehow that doesn't make sense to
>     me.*
> I believe that all the softwares avaiable to Ubuntu needs to be
> avaiable to Lubuntu. The user needs to have the freedom to decide what
> he will install.
But then we have another Synaptic? What's the point to that? Maybe I
misunderstood the value of LSC but I thought of it as the catalog of
Lubuntu-friendly apps. When you want to answer the question of "what's
the lightweight package for [blank]?" that's where you go. If you don't
care if it's lightweight or you don't get what you want in LSC, then you
try Synaptic/apt/aptitude. Doesn't that make sense?


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