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Re: Minimum and recommended RAM to install Lubuntu Trusty


2014-03-27 10:30, Ali Linx skrev:
> On 03/27/2014 01:08 PM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
>> 2014-03-27 09:39, JM skrev:
>>> On Thu, 27 Mar 2014 12:29:56 +0400
>>> Ali Linx <ali.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> That said, as per my +3 years endless tests, the Recommended RAM for 
>>>> Lubuntu 'must be' IMHO = 512MB
>>>> If you will ever mention 'minimum' then you should mention too that: 
>>>> "please note that your machine will not work as expected after installing."
>>>> Let's be 'extra' clear when we're dealing with our users if we do care 
>>>> about them. This is 'very' important IMHO.
>>>> To me, it is totally non-sense to even waste time to test that on less 
>>>> than 256MB RAM simply because your machine will not handle one open tab 
>>>> say Facebook or Gmail. As for YouTube, you should mention a huge red 
>>>> label note that those with less than 512MB should forget YouTube and 
>>>> watching movies.
>>> Hi,
>>> I clearly agree with that, which might in some cases not be even enough, as the hardware
>>> when old would often need some checks and some care.
>>> Regards,
>>> Mélodie
>> Hi everybody,
> Hi my friend,
>> The text we are discussing is like this now
>> -----
>> System Requirements
>> We have done many tests and we've found out that Lubuntu can be
>> installed on a Pentium II or Celeron system with 128 MB of RAM, but such
>> a system would not perform well enough for daily use.
>> With 256MB - 384MB of RAM, the performance will be better and the system
>> will be more usable.
>> With 512MB of RAM, you don't need to worry much.
>> The default "Desktop" installer requires 384-800 MB of RAM (depending on
>> selected options.) If you have problems, please use the "Alternate"
>> installer.
>> -----
>> and it is part of the web page
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu
>> which was last edited 2013-11-26 12:48:42 by dale-visser
> I'm aware of this as I was one of those who participated with the old
> tests and wrote that too. That is why, I'm stating now that that was a
> mistake and it should be corrected.
>> I think we must change it.
>> 1. Lubuntu Core Trusty works with 128 MB RAM, but not standard Lubuntu
>> Trusty. And Lubuntu Core needs at least 256 MB to work reasonably well,
>> but not for browsing bloated web pages. So it is mis-leading to state
>> that Lubuntu can be installed with 128 MB of RAM. It might be true for
>> some old version, but it is not true for Lubuntu Trusty.
>> 2. With zRAM, the Lubuntu desktop installer does not need more than 384
>> MB RAM. Before zRAM was used, it might need 700-800 MB for some
>> complicated installations.
>> 3. Let us consider if we should specify the amount of RAM necessary for
>> the alternate installer. I think it is better to specify it.
>> 4. Let us consider if we should also display the alternatives OBI and 9w
>> to install Lubuntu Core, which is lighter than standard Lubuntu.
>> Remember that there are many old computers with 256 MB RAM!
> Why to confuse and make things complicated? KISS (Keep It Simple and
> Short). That said, IMHO, the text should read:
> *Lubuntu Recommended System Requirement (RAM) is _512MB RAM_. You might
> be able to /install/ the system below that range but please be advised
> that you might not get a working system as expected - example: browsing
> the Internet might be very slow and/or not usable.**
> *
> The above text is for ALL kind of levels so whether you're super new to
> Linux/Lubuntu or Super Advance/GURU user, you will not have hard time to
> understand that.
> Then, you can create a new page or pararph to explain the 'advance'
> options to install Lubuntu on special requirements and/or cases where
> you could use the same text that you send on your original email.
> By doing that, you will provide the FULL picture of installing Lubuntu
> and explain each and every case.
> Newcomers should not click or go to the advance section.
> Those who have enough experience can indeed explore that section.
> Playing it safe better than sorry and face the fire of so many
> complaints, etc. Above all, you will not give any false/wrong hope or
> promise to anyone :)
> This is my simple and clear suggestion for the sake of each and every
> user of Lubuntu 'and' Lubuntu Team.
>> Best regards
>> Nio
> Thank you!
> -- 
> Ali/amjjawad
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad

Thanks for this very brief and clear text Ali,

Do you think we should also specify something about the CPU, for example
Pentium 4 and the corresponding AMD or PowerPC CPUs as the minimum?

Check the following Ubuntu Forum thread (mainly the first post) by mörgæs


Best regards

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