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what is the best way to get started with a dashboard?


Hey guys,

Where and how would I put up code for a MySQL Dashboard project I would like
to start on askmonty.org or the launchpad page we have for maria?
The only place I saw I could start a project easily was on launchpad, so I
made my own project on there.
Is there a place I can setup a directory or page to start my own project
relating to MySQL and Maria?

A little but about the project .... I have been making scripts and
dashboards for MySQL to help debug issues in MySQL for quite a few years.
Now I want to bring it all together and open source it instead of letting it
stay closed source at the companies I worked for where they *promised* they
would open source the software ---- which never happend,.

I have vacation coming up, so I plan on getting the skeleton started then. I
already have a plan set out, I just need to do it.


AIM: setthecleanser

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