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Re: what is the best way to get started with a dashboard?


Mark Nielsen <pythonrules@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Where and how would I put up code for a MySQL Dashboard project I would like
> to start on askmonty.org or the launchpad page we have for maria?
> The only place I saw I could start a project easily was on launchpad, so I
> made my own project on there.

I think a Launchpad project is fine for this. Launchpad seems to be where most
MySQL-related activity takes place these days.

If you want, you can make maria-captains the owner of your bzr branch on
launchpad (maria-captains is the group of people with commit rights to MariaDB
projects; just apply for membership on launchpad if you want). But at least
initially, it is probably fine if you are just the owner of the project, and
you can pull in contributors from others as needed.

 - Kristian.