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Re: MariaDB + PBXT



>>>>> "Paul" == Paul McCullagh <paul.mccullagh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Paul> Hi All,
Paul> I am not sure of the procedure myself.

Paul> I have just proposed merge of the maria-pbxt tree into lp:maria.

Paul> It resulted in me, and all other captains, getting a HUGE diff in an e- 
Paul> mail - SORRY! Mac Mail really struggled, Yikes!

ouch :( (but things like that happens and bandwidth is reasonable good

Paul> Anyway, here is the what the change includes:

Paul> This branch includes the current MariaDB revision (2689) and the PBXT  
Paul> storage engine. The only changes are the addition of a storage/pbxt  
Paul> and a mysql-test/suite/pbxt directory.

Paul> The mysql-test/suite/pbxt directory contains a test suite for PBXT.  
Paul> The test includes 167 test files. All tests run through without error.  
Paul> To run the tests use:

Paul> ./mysql-test-run  --mysqld=--default-storage-engine=pbxt --suite=pbxt

Paul> In other words, you have to set the default storage engine to PBXT for  
Paul> this test to run.

Paul> PBXT only creates files when the first PBXT table is created.

Paul> So when you start MariaDB you will only know that PBXT is installed  
Paul> because of the startup message it prints in the log. It does not  
Paul> create any files in the database root directory.

Sounds good!

Paul> Please let me know if this is OK for merge.
Paul> Best regards,