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Re: Maria binary builds


I have two idle machines, one Debian lenny x86-64 and the other alpha. How can I help by adding these to the build pool? Is there interest in alpha?


On Apr 6, 2009, at 9:13, Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Vadim,

Just an update on what I have been doing with binaries and Buildbot.

I have now set up Buildbot to build and test our trees on Launchpad after every push (similar to Pushbuild at MySQL/Sun if you are familiar with that):


For now we have only few (one) build slave. The plan of course is to add more,
hopefully some of them volunteered from the community (hint :-).

I would be happy to make the infrastructure available to you as well, ie. to set it up to also track your Launcpad trees and build on your build slaves with your scripts and options. But you may prefer to control the buildbot
master yourself; just let me know if you need a copy of my Buildbot
configuration files or if I can help with any questions in setting it up.

I am currently working on getting all existing test failures visible in the
Buildbot runs fixed (Valgrind errors mostly).

After that (next week I hope) I plan to turn to working on getting Buildbot to
also produce binaries.

I will need to do some research in which platforms we need to build for
(Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS/Suse/Generic? x86/amd64? Any others?), and which
configure / build options to use. Any help you can provide here would be much appreciated. I have lots of experience with scripting this kind of thing, but less so with the details of how people actually use the binaries and what they need (I have mostly build from source myself even for production). I also plan to look at what official Debian/Ubuntu packages provide, and at the scripts
from OurDelta.

My vision is to have production and test of binaries fully integrated into our Buildbot infrastructure. I want it fully automated, so that binaries are made after every push, and so that problems with the binaries are dealt with as an integrated part of development just like any other problem. Ideally, releasing binaries would then just be a matter of picking the right files from the buildbot archives. It will take some work to get there of course, but at least
that is the vision.

From what I have seen of Buildbot so far, I am hopeful that it will be
sufficient for our needs. It seems to have all of the right ideas, and many of the necessary features are already there. Some stuff will be missing, and my
plan is to spend the time to extend it as needed.

So for concrete plans next week, these currently are:

1. Setup build of generic binaries (.tar.gz) for Linux x86/amd64. For this I need to understand better how to deal with external dependencies. Should I link statically with libc? My impression is not to do this as I think this causes big problems with any type of plugin, but I also seem to recall that existing generic packages do this. Alternatively, I need to understand which
version of glibc to use.

2. Work on getting build slave machines set up for this.

3. Get a first version running on Buildbot that produces the binaries.

After this I think will be Debian and Ubuntu binaries with apt-able
repositories, and then RPMs.

I think that's it for an update of current plans. Let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions. Especially any help on exact CFLAGS and
./configure arguments to use would be very helpful.

- Kristian.

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