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Re: Maria binary builds



If you can share your Buildbot  configuration that would be perfect!
As for platforms we see demand for Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS both 32bit and
64bit. Also quite often are mentioned FreeBSD, MacOS and Windows.

For CFLAGS / configure I found combination from MySQL .spec for RedHat 5
works almost fine. The changes I made for CFLAGS I am adding next

-O2 -g -fno-omit-frame-pointer

it makes life to debugs hangs / crashes easier.


Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Hi Vadim,
> Just an update on what I have been doing with binaries and Buildbot.
> I have now set up Buildbot to build and test our trees on Launchpad after
> every push (similar to Pushbuild at MySQL/Sun if you are familiar with that):
>     http://askmonty.org/buildbot/index.html
> For now we have only few (one) build slave. The plan of course is to add more,
> hopefully some of them volunteered from the community (hint :-).
> I would be happy to make the infrastructure available to you as well, ie. to
> set it up to also track your Launcpad trees and build on your build slaves
> with your scripts and options. But you may prefer to control the buildbot
> master yourself; just let me know if you need a copy of my Buildbot
> configuration files or if I can help with any questions in setting it up.
> I am currently working on getting all existing test failures visible in the
> Buildbot runs fixed (Valgrind errors mostly).
> After that (next week I hope) I plan to turn to working on getting Buildbot to
> also produce binaries.
> I will need to do some research in which platforms we need to build for
> (Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS/Suse/Generic? x86/amd64? Any others?), and which
> configure / build options to use. Any help you can provide here would be much
> appreciated. I have lots of experience with scripting this kind of thing, but
> less so with the details of how people actually use the binaries and what they
> need (I have mostly build from source myself even for production). I also plan
> to look at what official Debian/Ubuntu packages provide, and at the scripts
> from OurDelta.
> My vision is to have production and test of binaries fully integrated into our
> Buildbot infrastructure. I want it fully automated, so that binaries are made
> after every push, and so that problems with the binaries are dealt with as an
> integrated part of development just like any other problem. Ideally, releasing
> binaries would then just be a matter of picking the right files from the
> buildbot archives. It will take some work to get there of course, but at least
> that is the vision.
>>From what I have seen of Buildbot so far, I am hopeful that it will be
> sufficient for our needs. It seems to have all of the right ideas, and many of
> the necessary features are already there. Some stuff will be missing, and my
> plan is to spend the time to extend it as needed.
> So for concrete plans next week, these currently are:
> 1. Setup build of generic binaries (.tar.gz) for Linux x86/amd64. For this I
> need to understand better how to deal with external dependencies. Should I
> link statically with libc? My impression is not to do this as I think this
> causes big problems with any type of plugin, but I also seem to recall that
> existing generic packages do this. Alternatively, I need to understand which
> version of glibc to use.
> 2. Work on getting build slave machines set up for this.
> 3. Get a first version running on Buildbot that produces the binaries.
> After this I think will be Debian and Ubuntu binaries with apt-able
> repositories, and then RPMs.
> I think that's it for an update of current plans. Let me know if you have any
> questions/comments/suggestions. Especially any help on exact CFLAGS and
> ./configure arguments to use would be very helpful.
>  - Kristian.

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