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Re: XtraDB merge into MariaDB



Yes I saw. Thank you for help!

I did blog about :)

Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Ok, XtraDB 6 is now pushed to MariaDB, as a replacement for InnoDB!
> Merging was ok. There are a number of conflicts which need to be handled, but
> that seems inevitable, and bzr seems to handle things ok (if a bit clunky).
> There are no further issues know at the moment.
> Thanks for working with me to get this achieved!
> Vadim Tkachenko <vadim@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> I think all confusing comes from fact (you noticed) we do  main
>> development in
>> lp:~percona-dev/percona-xtradb/extensions-1.0
>> working with patches, and after that periodically do sync of full source
>> code into
>> lp:percona-xtradb
> Yes, I agree. Understanding this, I think things will work a bit more smoothly
> going forward.
> I understand the need to do main development in extensions-1.0 as a quilt
> series. I think there is no better way than to continue to sync periodically
> of full source code into lp:percona-xtradb. Now that I better understand the
> issue I can also help with that as needed.
> It's just inherently complex to keep the code merged between MySQL, Oracle,
> Drizzle, Percona, and MariaDB, so current method is probably as good as it
> gets.
>> We have maillist
>> http://groups.google.com/group/percona-discussion
>> which is not very active.
>> So far best way to track development is to track changes in
>> lp:~percona-dev/percona-xtradb/extensions-1.0
> Sounds good, I have subscribed to the maillist and the branch.
>  - Kristian.

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