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Re: XtraDB merge into MariaDB


Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> lp:~maria-captains/maria/mariadb-xtradb6-merge is missing all of the changes
> outside of storage/xtradb (except one CMakeLists.txt). These missing changes
> should not go in stand-alone xtradb, but are needed in MariaDB.
> lp:xtradb does not exist. lp:percona-xtradb/release-6  exists, but seems to be
> missing some things that are in lp:~maria-captains/maria/mariadb-xtradb-merge2,
> including things like #define PERCONA_INNODB_VERSION 6,
> /* bugfix: http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=43948 */, ...
> So I am confused about what needs to be merged ...
> What I need from you is the name of the branch that contains the stand-alone
> XtraDB 6 release. That is the crucial thing.

Vadim, any updates on this?

All I need is the name of the branch of XtraDB you used as the base when you
created lp:~maria-captains/maria/mariadb-xtradb6-merge, in other words the
branch that contains release 6 of the stand-alone XtraDB. No extra work needed
on your part (except to push it to Launchpad if you forgot) :-)

Would be good to get this today, as I'm about to start a three week vacation,
and I really want to get XtraDB merged ...

 - Kristian.